Ph.D. One year extra time for students; Mahi in the academic council meeting of Mysore University


Mysore: 2017 Ph.D. The rule prevailed. A committee was formed in the story of Prof. D. Anand to bring about a change in this. It held several meetings over a year and submitted a final report after thorough review. Prof. Gnana Prakash, Vice-Chancellor of Examinations said that it has been agreed.


Speaking at the Mysore University Academic Board meeting held on Friday in the auditorium of Manasanggotri Fine Arts College, he said that the new regulations will come into effect from the


academic year 2022-23. Ph.D. The University of Mysore has approved the amendment of the rules, changes in the entrance test, priority given to foreigners, disabled and welfare


Karnataka students along with general students. Ph.D. The prescribed duration of graduation was 5+2 years. It is now fixed for 6+1 years. An extension fee has to be paid for it. From this Ph.D. He informed that the students will get one year extra time.


Compliance report not agreed

The issue of lack of attendance is hotly debated

Mysore: Lack of attendance of 9 students of Journalism Department led to a lot of discussion in the meeting. Action should be taken against the head of the department who has requested to allow the examination even though the attendance of the students of department 9 is less than 75%. Otherwise, all


departments will follow the same irresponsibility, insisted an education board member. Accepting the lapse in this connection, the chancellor constituted a committee and inquired into the matter.


Permission for Semester Syllabus

Additional Quota for Mentors: An additional seat has been allotted to Ph.D.Research Mentors. As at present, 8 professors, 6 associate professors, 4 assistant professors are allowed to guide


students, along with 2 foreign students, one each for disabled and welfare Karnataka students. The prescribed quota is not transferable to other students. Ph.D. A change was also brought in the entrance exam, the answer-writing questions were dropped and only optional for full 100 marks


There will be questions. 50 for general category, 45 for OBC, 40 for SC-ST is the minimum. He said that the coursework submission period has been reduced from 20 weeks to 16 weeks.


Submission of progress report every 15 days: It is mandatory for the mentor to submit the progress report of every research student to the university once in 15 days. He said that if Marg Darshak passes away, a committee has been formed to distribute his research


studentship to other professors.
Mysore: The objections in the annual audit report for the year 2018-19 were not approved for the compliance report to be submitted. Members objected to the hasty presentation of the report. Thus,


the matter was postponed to the next meeting. Prof. N. in MSc Department of MicrobiologyThe establishment of Lakshmidevi Gold Pada Datti was approved.


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