Bengaluru: The Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) has proposed to the state government to set up three separate ‘Examination Control Units’ to prevent delays in recruitment to fill vacant posts.


Sanctioned Post in Various Public Service Commissions 1,641 617 322 Kerala Tamil Nadu Karnataka 2,600 af UPSC


Working under these Exam Controllers. Instead, it is intended to set up independent units under two Joint Controllers of Examinations.


At present, there is only one unit under one Controller of Examinations to handle all the work of competitive examination question paper preparation, evaluation, result announcement. Although there is a Joint Controller of Examinations in the Commission, he


By this means, within eight months from the date of issuance of notification for any recruitment including KAS posts


“There is a lot of pressure because there is only one examination unit to issue notification for 15 to 20 proposals for recruitment of posts from various departments, complete all the process and prepare the final selection list. Thus, a notification process takes at least 3 years to complete. A separate entity


Express confidence that it is possible to complete the process within the stipulated period if the units are established and allocated to these units. Everyone wants the KPSC to conduct all stages of the selection process, starting from notification for recruitment, on the model of the Central Public Service

Commission. However, in the present system, it is impossible to manage the work like UPSC. The 90s system is still there. It is intended to replace the old computer and adopt modern technology,’ he said


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